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Live to the World

We help develop your project with you and manage on-location video production and mixing, audio and streaming. post-production phases, as well as promotion. Whether your video requires stimulating copy, thoughtful interviews, shots of your product or service in action, aerial drone footage, or a video marketing plan, our team delivers high-quality results proven to help achieve your business objectives.

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From AGM's & simple meetings to big shows. Pay-per-view live stream events can help you harness the power of global online audiences across every possible device. Pay-per-view isn’t just about setup and tech; it’s also about sales. So why not use Live Stream expand your revenue base?

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We use robotic production cameras called PTZ's. Using PTZ's allows us to use multiple camera angles requiring only one operator  switching inputs as well as remotely operating the cameras.

We use vMix to switch between inputs allowing full broadcast capabilities including instant replay, up to 4 layers of graphic overlay, stingers, and lower third titling.

We can stream to multiple social platforms including Facebook live, YouTube live and Vimeo.

We have 5 channel bonded 4G mobile connectivity to broadcast from anywhere.

And for the technophiles - we use Australian born Birddog & Blackmagic Design products, G-Spotter aerials and Melbourne's very own vMix software.

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2023 showcase

We mixed & streamed video calls from NEW YORK and PERTH, then mixed in Mildura and then sent back out to the world.

44k  worldwide views for the 2020-21 season, $18,000 live stream ticket revenue from pay-per-view and VOD (video on demand)

Broadcast to multiple channels including YouTube and 7 Facebook business pages to reach the massive fan base over 4 days.

Live stream video production

Show your event to the world or bring the world to your event. The options are endless.

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If you're interested in simply knowing what a live stream would cost or whether certain technical ideas are possible, please don't hesitate in contacting me, Simon Jackson.



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